Shia LaBeouf May Have a “Tool” Side

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MessageShia LaBeouf May Have a “Tool” Side

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It turns out that Shia LaBeouf could be that boyfriend. We know the type – the one that swears nothing’s ever his fault but yours, the one that sulks in his apartment after you told him you’re having a night out with your girls; the type that will go out of his way to make a scene that ticks you off just to see if you really care that much. Yes…it seems that our favorite Transformers star may have the “tool” syndrome.

This is, of course, very disheartening for all female LeBeouf fans. So upsetting that, in fact, some may be in denial while wondering how we came to this conclusion.

Earlier this week, Shia attended the An Education movie premiere in New York to support his girlfriend, Carey Mulligan, whose appearance in the film received great critical acclaim. Of course, one would assume that Shia would be up in arms to praise his significant other for this great achievement as any boyfriend should but instead he did the exact opposite.

Shia sat with a five year-old’s infamous pout, picked a fight with her after the show and then, according to NY Magazine, left her at the show by herself.

However, we must give Carey a round of applause for taking the incident with grace. Showing nothing but class, she made no scene or move to run after him as he left but instead simply smoothed out her dressed and walked back to rejoin the party. Truly this is a great example of poise and maturity that we can all appreciate.

In short, we have to assume that Shia’s head is beginning to get a little big from his recent, major success in the box office, but whether that’s the problem or not we can all agree that Shia’s going to be on our “tool” radar for a good while.


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Shia LaBeouf May Have a “Tool” Side

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