Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle

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Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle Empty
MessageRe: Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle

Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle

I live in a large suburban area, with neighborhoods stretched out in-between farms, historical sites and random undeveloped land. I mention this because my neighborhood is quite nice in some respects - I have a great view of mountains, there’s lots of undeveloped land that abuts a historical property, so there’s lots of wildlife around. There’s a family of deer that come to visit and scare the hell out of my dog. There were also, as it turns out, quite a lot of groundhogs that were destroying all of my neighbors’ veggie gardens. The groundhogs have been taken care of my dog, who has been on a two-year crusade to decimate the groundhog population. It’s some kind of blood feud.

In one respect, my neighborhood isn’t so great. My neighbors can be quite noisy at times. Just one door over, one neighbor keeps really strange hours, and puts out her yappy, hyperactive Chihuahua at random times, like after midnight, or five a.m. The Chihuahua thinks it’s his duty to wake everyone up to let us know he’s on patrol. There’s also some kind of motorcycle/car enthusiast two doors down, who likes to spend every weekend revving various loud engines over and over ad infinitum.

I mention this because if this report from the Enquirer has any truth, Shia LaBeouf is an annoying neighbor, but he’s trying to make up for it. It seems that Shia might have a big, loud motorcycle he likes to late at night - and his neighbors are pissed:

Nice to know classy SHIA LABEOUF’s nothing like his creepy “Transformers” co-star MEGAN FOX – who just got publicly bitch-slapped as a vicious liar by the movie’s crew after she told an interviewer that director MICHAEL BAY is “Hitler!”

In contrast, when Shia infuriated folks in his Glendale neighborhood by roaring home in the wee hours aboard his new Triumph Thruxton motorcycle and revving the engine…VROOM!…he did NOT act like a spoiled-rotten star creep when he awoke to find a bitchy note from sleep-deprived residents tacked to his door.

Showing class, Shia went knocking on doors and apologized personally to neighbors, promising he’d never blip his throttle until he was clear of the ’hood.

[From the National Enquirer]

While I wouldn’t put it past Shia to be generally rude like that - and to politely apologize the next day - I kind of think this is crap. Shia has been in New York for the past month, filming Wall Street 2. It was in New York, for the movie, that Shia was photographed on a motorcycle, and looking so snazzy in his leather jacket. So basically I’m just using this as an excuse to look at cute pictures of Shia. Sigh. He’s such a cutie. Love that he’s clean-shaven now. It makes him look younger, but I’d still hit it.

Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle Bann1-1
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Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle :: Commentaires

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Shia LaBeouf apologizes to neighbors for his loud motorcycle

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